My Philosophy

We all want to feel valued and valuable.  I also believe most people take considerable pride in what they do.  And, there is an almost universal desire to succeed.  Furthermore, we have an almost infinite capacity to learn and to solve some pretty complex problems.  Yet many of our habits, customs, practices, long-cherished beliefs and perceptions have a way of getting in the way of our individual and collective effectiveness.  As a consequence we often settle for good rather than great results, good though not great lives.  In that context we seem to live by the 80-20 Rule - putting forth far less than a maximum effort in exchange for an acceptable though far from superior result.  Nonetheless, we doggedly cling to the expectation things will work out as planned which probably explains why we are so frequently frustrated by the results.

You and I can deal with that frustration in one of three ways.  We can lash out, lower our expectations or change our behavior.  Frankly, I don't see the first two options as all that viable or appropriate.  So that leaves behavioral change.  And though it is seldom easy, it is possible.  Moreover, if you really want a different outcome, you need a different approach.  My Mission is to help individuals and organizations transform their potential into unmatched performance.

I try to fulfill that Mission by giving people the knowledge and insight they need and by teaching and facilitating a couple of remarkably effective models for change.  Oh, and if you are wondering about my Core Values, they are: Integrity, Courage, Respect for Others, Servant Leadership and Humility.