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If you’ve come looking for cost effective solutions to many of the most vexing problems and imperatives facing today’s organization, welcome. You’ve come to the right place. Our purpose, our mission, for over two decades, has been “to help individuals and organizations transform their potential into unmatched performance.” In other words, we work with people so that they can improve results. And along the way by working together, we create an environment where innovation, motivation, teamwork, problem solving, accountability and execution become the standards rather than the exception.

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Our clients trust and believe in the services we offer! We travel around the U.S. bringing innovation, motivation, teamwork, problem solving, and accountability to better your organization as a whole.

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We offer Professional Solutions to help grow and better your organization.

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Two Sides to Every Coin

Volume XXI, Number 47 (Issue 1051) November 20, 2023 Two Sides to Every Coin Many of us enjoy honoring family traditions this time of year. Some families make a point of coming together each Thanksgiving Day in someone’s home for a bountiful holiday meal and celebration. For some that meal is followed by an afternoon of football, be it on

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Pet Peeves

Volume XXI, Number 46 (Issue 1050) November 13, 2023 Pet Peeves One of my bigger pet peeves is having to fill out forms. It strikes me, given the plethora of information that has been accumulated on each of us including our complete medical, financial, and personal data, that lengthy blank forms should not be the bane of my or anyone’s

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Don’t Just Think, Act Outside the Box

Volume XXI, Number 45 (Issue 1049) November 6, 2023 Don’t Just Think, Act Outside the Box Do you ever get tired listening to people tell you to “think outside the box?” I do, which is ironic since on occasion I have suggested that others do that very thing. Maybe not in those words, but the message has been the same.

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