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If you’ve come looking for cost effective solutions to many of the most vexing problems and imperatives facing today’s organization, welcome. You’ve come to the right place. Our purpose, our mission, for over two decades, has been “to help individuals and organizations transform their potential into unmatched performance.” In other words, we work with people so that they can improve results. And along the way by working together, we create an environment where innovation, motivation, teamwork, problem solving, accountability and execution become the standards rather than the exception.

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Our clients trust and believe in the services we offer! We travel around the U.S. bringing innovation, motivation, teamwork, problem solving, and accountability to better your organization as a whole.

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Making a Difference Award for September 2022

Volume XX, Number 39 (Issue 991) September 26, 2022 Making a Difference Award for September 2022 This month’s Making a Difference Award recognizes a long-time friend and former colleague, Roy Seifert, who earned the distinction by going above and beyond for a total stranger who needed a helping hand. As Roy tells it, a few years ago he was flying

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Get to the Point 

 Volume XX, Number 38 (Issue 990) September 19, 2022  Get to the Point  It is with mixed feelings, including ample concern that I am likely to hear the phrase “Pot, meet Kettle,” that I undertake today’s essay. That’s because I know I can be guilty of the specific peevish behavior I am about to describe and decry. Nonetheless, because I was

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Volume XX, Number 37 (Issue 989) September 12, 2022 Blinders If you are a passing fan of movies or TV shows set in the old west, pioneer times, or New York’s Central Park, you probably can recall dozens of scenes where there was a wagon, a buggy, a plow, or even a carriage being pulled by a horse – maybe

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