All I Want for Christmas Is…

Volume XXI, Number 38 (Issue 1042) September 18, 2023 All I Want for Christmas Is… Clarity! Few find it easy to overlook the things that waste our time (there is so little of it to go around). Nor do most of us feel good about wasting someone else’s time if it can be avoided. Yet […]

Odds and Ends

Volume XXI, Number 37 (Issue 1041) September 11, 2023 Odds and Ends In Remembrance of 9/11 Reflecting on today’s date – 9/11 – I feel I should be writing about the events of that day, what led up to it, the lives that were forever lost or changed, and the response that followed. If nothing […]

Of One Accord

Volume XXI, Number 36 (Issue 1040) September 4, 2023 Of One Accord For reasons that escape me, the phrase “of one accord” popped into my head and captured my attention last Wednesday morning. If you Google that expression, its roots can be found in Middle-English, specifically, the King James Bible, where it means “in agreement” […]

A Common Problem

Volume XXI, Number 35 (Issue 1039) August 28, 2023 A Common Problem If you happen to be a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), you know that body generates a lot of content, not to mention some high- quality programming for HR professionals. As a member of SHRM myself, their various e-mails […]

Not Everyone Agrees. That Is Awesome!

Volume XXI, Number 33 (Issue 1037) August 14, 2023 Not Everyone Agrees. That Is Awesome! When Part 1 of Eight Questions, Chapter Four (Managing and Motivating Remote Workers) dropped last week, not every reader agreed with my assertions. That is awesome as far as I am concerned. That is because there is no “one size […]

On a Scale of One to Ten

Volume XXI, Number 31 (Issue 1035) July 31, 2023 On a Scale of One to Ten I get it. Strategic planning, though regarded by most leaders as important, is seldom considered to be a top priority, let alone having the potential to be transformative. Never mind the adage “those who fail to plan, plan to […]

Decisions, Decisions

Volume XXI, Number 30 (Issue 1034) July 24, 2023 Decisions, Decisions How many decisions do you imagine you make in a day? A few dozen? A couple of hundred? A thousand? Several thousand? I looked it up and according to multiple sources, the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions a day. Since we should be […]


Volume XXI, Number 29 (Issue 1033) July 17, 2023 Iconography Iconography, (n), is usually defined as an image or symbol, frequently found in a work of art, which evokes a certain thought or feeling within the viewer. Such icons are routinely associated with an individual, cult, movement, situation, or religious construct. Since many rely heavily […]