Have You Noticed?

J. Keith Hughey


Volume XXI, Number 7 (Issue 1011) February 13, 2023

Have You Noticed?

If you have been reading these Musings for a few weeks or more, you may have noticed I put forward a lot of questions. If you keep track – though I must ask, why would you? – you would also notice the volume of answers I provide pales in comparison. There are good reasons why the ratio of questions to answers is out of whack. For starters, and to quote Swami Chetanananda, “The older I get, the less I know.” In other words, when I was young, I was certain I knew everything – or at least everything I needed to know. But now, as the years have passed and I have gained some knowledge and perspective, that certainty has been supplanted with the realization that my knowledge in many areas is better characterized as a mile wide and an inch deep than it is both wide and deep.

Do not misinterpret that paragraph. It is not an oblique nod to the Imposter Syndrome. You know the mindset I am referring to, that nagging feeling that can come over us telling us we are in over our head. Rather, it is an acknowledgment that we all have strengths and weaknesses, interests, passions, and the desire to know more. Those traits simply do not extend to everything. But if a lack of interest and expertise in some fields and subjects were not enough, there is also the matter of time. We simply do not have enough hours in the day or days in the year to spend countless hours learning and mastering all there is to know.

When you add it all up, my application of the Socratic Method – where learning and understanding are advanced through a give-and-take exchange of questions and answers, answers, and questions, I go there for our mutual benefit. That is to say I learn as much if not more from you than what I imagine you stand to learn from me. It is the same in our consulting practice. Every interaction has the potential and frequently does teach us something. Hopefully, some of the questions I ask here cause you to stretch and grow a little too.

With these thoughts as preamble and in keeping with the question to answer ratio, here are some questions for us to ponder this week:

1. What needs to be done?
2. Does it need to be done?
3. How does it need to be done? 4. When does it need to be done? 5. Where does it need to be done? 6. Who is best suited to do it?

Soli Deo Gloria

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.Matthew 7:7

J. Keith Hughey

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