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Strategic Planning

We work with the client’s management team, board, and staff over the course of several months to understand the organization and its circumstances so that together we can craft a comprehensive strategic plan designed to articulate and achieve leadership’s vision for the future (typically the next three to five years). Where the mission and/or core values have not been clearly defined, we will also assist the client in defining/refining these key tenets. As part of the planning process we will guide the team through a careful assessment of the organization to determine how to best allocate and utilize precious resources. Included among the more significant deliverables is one or more Gantt Charts detailing the major strategies, the tasks and timelines associated with implementing those strategies, and the ultimate ownership for each action. For many of our planning clients we also provide significant post-retreat support for periods of time ranging from a few months to several years.

Leadership Development &
Executive Coaching

One of the chief causes of voluntary employee turnover is ineffective leaders, particularly at the supervisory and middle management levels. The cumulative cost of that turnover can be staggering though few appreciate the actual impact on the bottom line if for no other reason than our traditional accounting practices fail us. Consequently, few organizations make the investment in leadership development that could reverse that drain. The largest organizations tend to put in place the sort of systematic internal leadership development process that is needed – one that consistently imparts the right skills and that fully supports the organization’s values. Smaller enterprises are usually more piece-meal in their approach, resulting in an assortment of leadership styles and approaches that send mixed, and oft times conflicting, or even wrong signals. At JKHCo we approach leadership development on behalf of our clients in a way that centers around a practical leadership model while creating the sort of consistency that makes for a positive, durable work environment.

Succession Planning

Organizations that want to control their ultimate destiny need a current, viable succession plan and policy. Whether that plan focuses solely on the chief executive or addresses additional levels of leadership, the intent of our efforts is to identify the future leadership needs of the organization, the skills and abilities of the existing internal candidate pool, their ambitions and aspirations for their career, the best qualified candidates, and their need for further professional development. Armed with this insight, we guide the board of directors through the development and adoption of a succession plan and policy that can serve the needs of the organization for several years to come.

Corporate Governance

Too many boards of directors are following a model of governance that was better suited to a different, less complex and challenging era. Today’s board and the organizations they oversee can ill-afford to continue doing things the way they’ve always done them. We work with Boards to help them establish governance policies and procedures that are in keeping with best practices as well as appropriate for their needs and circumstances.

Organizational Vitality
(Corporate and Organizational Health)

An effective organization-wide culture is one that is reflective of the Mission and Core Values; where those in positions of authority at all levels lead by personal example including the consistent application of the very best in leadership skills and behaviors; where every member of the staff is committed to and focused on their individual and collective role in achieving the Strategic Vision; where all employees are personally accountable for their performance; where all employees feel valued and valuable; where future leaders are being identified and developed; where customers (members) are being well served by the organization, its products, services, and people; where a philosophy of continuous improvement is fostered and embraced; and, where the internal human organizational systems (including things like the Performance Management System) are fully supportive of and sustaining of the desired culture and overall organizational health. Even organizations with healthy cultures often find it difficult to extend the culture following a merger or during periods of rapid growth where new seasoned staff are being introduced into the mix. As part of our work we help organizations effectively articulate the desired culture so that greater buy-in is achieved at all levels, leading to the type of consistent behaviors that make for service excellence, even in the midst of rapid, staff-led innovation.

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Assessment Tools:

Note:  Some of the assessment instruments listed above are offered through and by special arrangement with WHY Group, LLC, San Antonio, TX.  Others are the proprietary products of other organizations and available for use by general or specific license. 

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