“Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut… 

J. Keith Hughey


Volume XXII, Number 26 (Issue 1082) June 24, 2024 

“Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut… 

Sometimes you don’t.” It is Saturday afternoon, and I am struggling to pen this week’s missive. Perhaps it is a case of writer’s block or maybe I am simply running low on fresh topics that inspire me and that I hope will inspire you. Either way, at this moment I do not feel like a nut so much as I feel like a slacker. Or, if I am being generous, I might describe myself as a very late bloomer. I will explain this sudden sense of what-have-I-done-with-my-life from this perspective. 

As I was searching for a theme for this essay I stumbled upon a brief, local interest news story about a fourteen-year-old middle schooler who has gained a bit of acclaim by having his first novel published. According to the article, this young man fell in love with writing while in the fifth grade. Oddly enough, it was my fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Ella Seward, who first inspired me to apply myself. Until then I clearly fell into the slacker class – especially when it came to schoolwork. 

Anyway, according to the article, that fifth-grader’s love and fascination with the written word prompted him to begin writing short stories. Fast forward three years to 2024 and he entered a school-sponsored writing competition. So, rather than spend his spring break the way most young teens are apt to do, he focused his week off on expanding and polishing one of his short stories to novel length. I do not know what you were doing in middle school, but I promise you I did not spend a moment of even one spring break being marginally industrious. For that matter, apart from the various deadlines I have had in my life, rare is the time that I can recall when I applied myself for an entire week to create something that was not tied in some way to a client or family obligation. 

Having written over one thousand of these weekly essays, a handful of research papers, countless client studies and reports, and having had multiple articles published throughout my professional and collegiate careers, I do consider myself to be an accomplished writer. Still, when I compare myself to a fourteen-year-old I find my production to date lacking – particularly when I have had decades to practice and refine my craft. 

By now you may be thinking where is he going with this bit of introspection? I wish I knew. All I can offer is not everyone finds their passion or calling when they are young. Nor do we always have the opportunity, resources, and support we need to hone our craft. Regardless of the age we may be when that awakening comes, we best take advantage of it. Taking it two important steps farther, you and I ought to 

encourage and support others during their search including any missteps they might make. Then, once others find their gift(s) we should help them in the best way we are able. 

PS. While my personal taste ran more toward Nestle’s Crunch bars, Hershey’s Kisses, and Snickers when I was young, that catchy little ditty for Mounds and Almond Joy candies that I referenced in today’s title has stuck with me for as long as I can remember. Moreover, it proved to be such an effective earworm for more than one generation that the jingle earned a place in the Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame in 2003. Once again I feel as if I am behind the curve. 

Soli Deo Gloria 

“See, now is the acceptable time: see, now is the day of salvation! We are putting no obstacle in anyone’s way, so that no fault may be found with our ministry.” 2 Corinthians 6:2b-3 

J. Keith Hughey

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